Administering Pills to your Pets

Giving pills to your pet can be a very stressful experience for you and your pet. Learning these tips and tricks can make giving pills to your pets a much easier experience. An easy way to get your pet to take a pill is to hide it in some food and they will swallow the pill on their own! For…

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Allergies in Dogs

Allergies in dogs are a common and complex health concern that can significantly impact a dog’s health. Much like humans, dogs can experience allergic reactions to various substances, ranging from food and environmental factors to insect bites. Food allergies are typically one of the main causes, with common ingredients in dog food including proteins such as beef, chicken, dairy, and…

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Pet Nutrition

Your furry friend’s happiness and healthiness starts from their diet. Pet nutrition is often overlooked or compared to human nutrition, but one must understand that the needs and nutrients of a pet vary and are crucial for their health. Pet food is regulated through various organizations like the AAFCO, USDA, and FDA. The FDA oversees food safety, therapeutic diets, recalls,…

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Anxiety in cats and dogs

Anxiety is not exclusive to humans; our beloved feline and canine companions can also experience this overwhelming emotion.Recognizing the signs ,understanding the causes, and implementing effective treatments are crucial aspects of providing a happy and healthy life for our pets. Causes of Anxiety: Separation Anxiety: Cats and Dogs may feel distressed when left alone. Providing comforting items or using behavioral…

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Tips on how to keep your indoor cat happy

       Cats are adventurous creatures and natural athletes; they need a place and things to do to keep them happy and tired. For example, you can place toys around the living space such at mice, cat scratchers, toys with feathers, and laser pointers. You can add many additions to you home to make your cat happy a few ideas are, having…

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First Aid for Pets

Many pet owners love to take care of their furry friends on a typical day-to-day basis. Besides having a great veterinarian to handle serious medical situations owners should be able to provide first aid for non-life-threatening injuries.  What to do when your pet has a cut Getting bumps and cuts may be common when you and your pet live an…

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Exercise Habits for Pets

Why exercise is important for your pets? Exercise for your pets is important because it prevents a higher body condition score and their risks of obesity. Weight can affect health, like diabetes, blood pressure, and even cancer. The exercise is also good for their heart and can prevent heart disease.  How much exercise do dogs need? Most dogs will need…

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Tips for Taking Care of Kittens

It is recommended by experts to bring your kitten into a veterinary clinic as soon as possible for a wellness exam, a fecal test, and to get them started on their kitten vaccines. It is also recommended to get the kitten started on heartworm, flea, and tick prevention as soon as possible to prevent any additional complications from these parasites.…

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