It is recommended by experts to bring your kitten into a veterinary clinic as soon as possible for a wellness exam, a fecal test, and to get them started on their kitten vaccines. It is also recommended to get the kitten started on heartworm, flea, and tick prevention as soon as possible to prevent any additional complications from these parasites. Spaying or neutering your kitten is important as well to prevent any unwanted pregnancies, potential diseases, and expense in the future. Make sure to socialize the kitten, socialization is an important part of a kitten’s early life so the kitten can get used to being around people and/or other animals. Choose a good brand of food specified for kittens and feed amounts based on your kitten’s weight, these instructions should be listed on the bag of your kitten’s food. Some recommended brands include Hill’s Science Diet or Purina. Start litter box training early too to avoid messes in your home in the future. Grooming is another important factor of taking care of a kitten, to prevent matting. Start this early so it becomes an activity of bonding and routine. Reward the kitten’s good behavior to encourage more of it in the future. Do not reward bad behavior. 

By: Sophie Decossas


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