Common Surgical Procedures

Spay and Neuters
We typically recommend getting your dog and cat spayed/neutered at about 6 months of age. According to the ASPCA, there are multiple benefits to getting your pet spayed and neutered. Spaying your pet has shown a prevention of many UTI infections, and breast tumors. Spaying is also very commonly recommend to prevent pyometra, a life threatening condition. It also eliminates your pet from coming into heat cycle and possessing breeding related behaviors (AVMA). According to ASPCA, neutering your pet is very important to prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems. Cryptorchidism is also very common in male dogs which can be prevented by neutering your pet. It has also shown to help decrease behavioral issues and avoids your pet to run away from home.
Dental Prophylaxis
Dental Prophylaxis is a surgical procedure performed on dogs to help prevent oral and periodontal disease in dogs and cats. This is very important to prevent as it can cause other diseases. According to AVMA, this can cause kidney, liver and heart problems. This procedure is commonly performed for many senior pets (7+ years old). Teeth extractions may be needed for teeth that are severely damaged. Periodontal disease is graded on a scale of grade 1-2 or grade 3-4. Dental Cleaning is performed to deeply clean the teeth and gums. Dental cleaning is usually recommended again if periodontal disease is reoccurring.

This procedure is done every 6 months to 1 year depending on the progression of the periodontal disease, tartar and other factors. You can ask about this during your yearly exams.

All our patients who get dental prophylaxis done must come in for blood work 1-2 days before the procedure is performed. This allows us to check the internal functions of your pet and determine if they are healthy for the procedure and can tolerate anesthesia.

Other Procedures
We offer many other surgical procedures including tumors removals, exploratory surgeries, cherry eye removals and many more. Please contact us to further discuss these with us.


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