Laboratory Testing

Lab Tests
Laboratory Testing is provided In-house. Some of the tests provided include: Blood Test, Urine test, Heart worm Test, 4DX Combo test, Feline Triple Combo Test, Feline Leukemia/ Feline AIDs Test, Fecal Test, Pregnancy Test, Skin Scraping Test, Ear Cytology Test, Ear Mite Test, Corneal Stain Test, Tear Test (for Dry Eyes), Pancreatitis Test, Giardia Test, and all kind of laboratory testing. Tests are used to diagnose different diseases which are commonly found in dogs and cats. Your veterinarian will discuss these tests with you as needed.
Performing radiographs is important to help diagnose internal diseases. Performing them allows the veterinarian to be able to see the presences of diseases, foreign objects, damages, etc.


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