Cats are adventurous creatures and natural athletes; they need a place and things to do to keep them happy and tired. For example, you can place toys around the living space such at mice, cat scratchers, toys with feathers, and laser pointers. You can add many additions to you home to make your cat happy a few ideas are, having two cats, this act of happiness comes from companionship cats love having another cat to play with. You also should let your cat go outside and you can leash train them, it gives them a great since of the outdoors and puts the cat in their natural surroundings. You should also consider spaying and neutering hormones drive cats to try and escape to look for a mate which can be annoying. 

Cats are naturally curious animals if an indoor cat doesn’t have enough outdoor stimulation, it will get bored and try to go outside. Going outside allows cats to watch birds, mice, and other critters that catch their attention. Therefore, it is easy to keep your indoor cat happy with those few steps. 

By: Jadyn Long


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