Giving pills to your pet can be a very stressful experience for you and your pet. Learning these tips and tricks can make giving pills to your pets a much easier experience. An easy way to get your pet to take a pill is to hide it in some food and they will swallow the pill on their own! For cats you can hide the pill in some wet cat food, tuna, or a soft treat, and for dogs you can hide the pill in some peanut butter, wet dog food or a soft dog treat. Some pets will spit out the pill when it’s put in food so you will have to try another way. Another way to administer a pill to your pet is to open their mouth and place the pill in their mouth. For cats it will be easiest if the cat is in your lap, and you can also wrap them in a towel or blanket to keep them more secure. Then you will hold the pill in your dominant hands thumb and index finger, and with the other hand you will grab their head and use your hand to gently open their mouth. Then you will quickly place the pill on their tongue in the back of their mouth and close their mouth to ensure they swallow. Then for dogs you can do the same steps for opening their mouths but for bigger dogs you may need another person to assist you. 


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