You are probably wondering why you should bring your dog to the vet yearly. There are many contributing factors on why you should bring them in for a checkup. Unlike humans we can feel and say where our pain lies, but for dogs they cannot tell you if they have a stomachache or they are not feeling well. An annual exam will allow for the vet to check your dog and see if anything is wrong with your pet from head-to-toe examinations, annual vaccinations, etc. They will also get their blood drawn so they can be checked for heartworms. While at yearly visits you may need your pet’s yearly shots, which would be DAPPV or DAPPV+L4 which depending on if your dog’s more of an indoor or and outdoor dog. They will also get their rabies shot which would be required if you want to board your dog or take it to groomers. Bordetella shot will be used to help prevent kennel cough, but it is also needed to board and groom your pet. As your dog gets older, they will get more prone to disease due to their old age which would be around 7+ years.  During dogs’ seniority it would be recommended to come twice yearly so we can actively check up on your dog for a checkup if they have any diseases. Also, they can withdraw blood and see if anything is wrong within the dog’s blood and determine your pet’s organ health. With these many tests we can help your pet if they show symptoms of an illness so you can be quick to make a move!

By: Amitoj Virk


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