First Aid for Pets

Many pet owners love to take care of their furry friends on a typical day-to-day basis. Besides having a great veterinarian to handle serious medical situations owners should be able to provide first aid for non-life-threatening injuries.  What to do when your pet has a cut Getting bumps and cuts may be common when you and your pet live an…

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Exercise Habits for Pets

Why exercise is important for your pets? Exercise for your pets is important because it prevents a higher body condition score and their risks of obesity. Weight can affect health, like diabetes, blood pressure, and even cancer. The exercise is also good for their heart and can prevent heart disease.  How much exercise do dogs need? Most dogs will need…

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Why a yearly checkup is important

You are probably wondering why you should bring your dog to the vet yearly. There are many contributing factors on why you should bring them in for a checkup. Unlike humans we can feel and say where our pain lies, but for dogs they cannot tell you if they have a stomachache or they are not feeling well. An annual…

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